About Blessed Hope Chapel SA

It’s great to have you visit our web­site!! We hope that from this site you can get a sense of the pas­sion we have and the mes­sage we preach and walk in.

Blessed Hope Chapel South Aus­tralia, meet on Sundays at the Clarence Park Community Centre, 74 East Ave, Clarence Park at 10:00am. Blessed Hope Chapel South Aus­tralia is Pas­tored by Rob Car­tledge. Blessed Hope Chapel South Aus­tralia is a sis­ter church to Blessed Hope Chapel in Cal­i­for­nia which is led by Pas­tor Joe Schim­mel. Pas­tor Joe also min­is­ters inter­na­tion­ally through his min­istry Good­fight Ministries

Blessed Hope Chapel South Aus­tralia had its beginnings on the 31st January 2010 as a home based “Stu­dio Church”, in that we had small services in a room pre­pared for pre-recording broad­cast qual­ity videos of our ser­mons. We believe that our ministry is to reach out to the Church worldwide, get­ting the mes­sage out to those around the world who God directs to lis­ten. So mes­sages are always writ­ten with Chris­tians and non-Christians all around the world in mind. God helped us realise that the inter­net mis­sion field is incred­i­ble, in that never before in his­tory has men of God had the oppor­tu­nity to get right into a lost souls bed­room and min­is­ter to them one on one. So God is slowly help­ing us to expand this and reach into the hearts and souls of the mul­ti­tudes who are saved and unsaved all over the earth. We are liv­ing in epi­demic lev­els of agnos­ti­cism, athe­ism and mys­ti­cism (deceived new age and world reli­gious belief sys­tems) with an ever increas­ing threat of rad­i­cal Islam, to counter this spread­ing dark­ness we must shine the Light of the Gospel into the hearts of the mul­ti­tudes. We believe that our min­istry is another way that God is doing this on a global level.

Blessed Hope Chapel South Aus­tralia exists to pray, seek the face of God and wor­ship the Father in Spirit and Truth and to preach a fiery mes­sage of trans­for­ma­tion in the name of Jesus. We are pray­ing and believ­ing for a revival of Jesus Christ and the trans­for­ma­tion of our com­mu­nity, City and Nation.

We hope that as you look around this site and lis­ten to some ser­mons and read one of Rob’s pub­lished books, that you will be struck with an increased pas­sion to live for Christ. Please feel free to email us if you have any queries or would like to join us as we wor­ship Jesus on Sundays at 10:00am.

Rob and Vena Cartledge

Rob and Vena Cartledge

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Pas­tor Rob and Vena Cartledge

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