By Pastor Rob Cartledge

Rob Cartledge is the author of 3 challenging and life changing books: God’s Heart Cry for Revival, Taking Up Your Cross and So You Think You Are Baptised with the Holy Spirit? These three books have shaken and stirred many Christians around the globe in recent years and they promise to impact the heart of every Christian who seeks to grow in and experience more of God.

God’s Heart Cry for Revival will move the believer to bow the knee and seek God earnestly in prayer. Taking Up Your Cross will convert the believer into a powerful witness of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ, unmoveable in the face of severe opposition. And So You Think You Are Baptised With the Holy Spirit, will give you an insight into the baptism of the power of the Holy Spirit which is quite extraordinary, after reading it you will be moved to seek God for the full baptism of power with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of the anointing to influence God in prayer and the grace to move men to convert to Christianity.