So You Think You Are Baptised with the Holy Spirit?

By Pastor Rob Cartledge

Product Description

We live in a day when the Christian Church is being challenged like never before. It is a day where contradictory views and beliefs are deceiving even the elect, if that were possible. With such tremendous opposition and blatant sin pervading the earth, many Christians are beginning to question their influence and wondering, “Is this all there is?” If the Universal Church has all of God that she is meant to walk in then all we can say is “our God must not be all-powerful and is unable to reach men with the Gospel.”

Tragically, for the most part, today’s Church has accepted a far weaker version of the Holy Spirit Baptism. This has been evidenced by the lack of impact Christians have in their communities. Lives have never been so lost, society has never been so depraved and Christianity has never been so powerless. There has got to be more! According to God’s Word we know that God is all-powerful and has promised to baptise us with the power of the Holy Spirit. This “power” is the unction we need from on high to BE the Church this world needs.

This book was written as a challenge to those who think they have the power but are not operating in the fullness of what God intends. It is also a clear call to those that have it, to seek God for more. The Baptism with the Holy Spirit gives us power with both God and men; power with God in prayer, and power with men in conversion. The greatest evidence that we are baptised with the fullness of the Holy Spirit would be souls coming to faith in Christ daily and the power of God coming out from us in miraculous ways. It is time to recapture the power that has been untapped for so long.